Website Help

1. Add our mobile number into your phone:

07930 841612

into your mobile so that you know when Roger or Tricia are calling you about one of the projects.

2. Add our email address into your email 'Safe List' to ensure you always receive our emails:

Our emails will then be received directly to your 'Inbox'. Otherwise emails may divert into your 'Spam' or 'Junk' folder.

This is particularly important for receiving our 'confirmation emails', once you have been included into a project, as these are slightly different to the usual emails you receive and are more likely to be treated as spam/junk.


3. Set your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone to receive emails in HTML format

This should allow your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone to receive emails in the style they are sent (typeface, colour, size, images, layout etc).


After setting the Computer, Tablet or Smartphone to receive emails in HTML, it is also important to make sure it does not automatically download images in received emails. Blocking automatic image downloading in emails helps to protect your privacy.

4. Receiving emails in HTML also allows you to click links that take you directly to websites. IMPORTANT: when receiving in HTML, never click links from people who you don't recognise or that look suspicious. It is always best to just delete suspicious emails.

5. Protect your Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone with good quality security software

Online fraud is a huge and expanding industry. It is important your Computer or Laptop has:


Anti-virus (prevents, detects, and removes Malware, including computer Viruses, Worms, Trojans and Adware).


Anti-Spyware (this prevents, detects, and removes Malware that collects information about users without them knowing).


Firewall (blocks unauthorized internet access while permitting authorized use). Firewall software can be purchased from companies like Microsoft, Bullguard, Kaspersky, ESET, Norton, McAfee, BitDefender etc.


If you have the latest Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser, they have the latest encryption included. If not, it could be worth downloading Trusteer Rapport. Usually available from the websites of main UK banks, the software prevents Phishing and Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) Malware attacks by locking your browser and ensuring that no one else can enter your website connection. Trusteer Rapport is a must if you do Online Banking on your Computer or Laptop.