Who You Are

You may be young

You can register with Patricia Turner from the age of 16. It's FREE, really easy, and only takes a few minutes.

....or young at heart

We require people of all ages, as long as you are realiable, enthusiastic and happy to share your honest opinions.

Everyone is welcome

We require males and females of all ages, races, religions, working, non-working, self-employed, business people, students etc......

People from all walks of life.

Pick Me, Pick Me!

Each new project has different criteria i.e. gender, age, lifestyle, job etc. You will only be invited to help with a project if you fit the required criteria exactly.

It's Really Easy

Receive emails....

We send you emails about the latest projects. If you fit the basic criteria on the email, and are interested in taking part, click the link on the email to apply for the project.

Click the email link....

The email link takes you to an online questionnaire. Complete the form, then click submit. If your answers fit the full criteria, we will contact you.

We invite you....

We will then call you to confirm your answers, and to explain about the research. We then send you an email to confirm you have been accepted onto the project.

You attend

You attend the research. The more you join in and contribute, the better. All research projects require enthusiastic and creative people. 

You receive your payment!

Why Take Part

It's fun

It's a fun and interesting thing to do with a small amount of your spare time.

Meet new people

Meet other new interesting people.

Give your opinions

It's an opportunity to offer your opinions and help influence the product or service being discussed. Your views are really important to the research project.

Receive your incentive

You receive an incentive payment for your time and contribution. Payment is typically made in Cash, but is occasionally paid by Direct Transfer or Cheque.

There is no selling involved in any of our market research projects

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