There is no selling involved in any of our market research projects

    Patricia Turner Market Research Recruitment 2007-2019

    Take part in Paid Market Research

    Our Paid Market Research Projects & Surveys take place in Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Newark

    Patricia Turner recruits members of the public to take part in Paid Market Research Projects and Surveys.

    Meet new people, share you opinions, help companies and organisations improve their products and services, and receive an incentive payment for your time and contribution.

    It's a fun thing to do with a small amount of your spare time, and it's an opportunity to offer your honest opinions and help influence future products or services.

    • Focus Groups

    • Individual Interviews

    • Telephone Interviews

    • Online Surveys

    For Business Clients

    Qualitative Market Research Recruitment in Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Newark

    Patricia Turner Market Research Recruitment supplies reliable, professional and experienced Qualitative Market Research Recruitment. We benefit from a regularly high respondent attendance rate and always offer close and regular contact with the project manager throughout the whole recruitment process.

    Focus Group Recruitment and much more......

    • Focus Groups

    • Workshops (up to 100 respondents)

    • Online Surveys/Communities

    • Mini Groups

    • Depths & Telephone Interviews

    • Accompanied Shops​

    • Social

    • Children

    • Ethnography

    • Questionnaire Creation/Design

    • Online Survey Creation/Design